Photo Cakes

Photo Wedding Cake   

The photo cake is becoming more and more popular and there are many variations of what you can now have.  You can opt for a classic cake with a picture and a message or alternatively you may decide you want to go for a novelty shaped cake with your favourite cartoon character on it; or how about a fantastic Wedding cake adorned with all your special photos – here are just some ideas but the options are endless!!  


What makes our photo cakes different?

As opposed to using rice paper, which gives a scratchy sensation when eaten or thin paper sheets which don’t allow the true deep colours of your photo’s to come through, we use proper sheets of icing.  Not only do these make the photos look stronger in colour they also give the cake a more professional and blended finish.  Our machine is able to scan and re-size almost any image therefore giving us the flexibility to produce an unlimited variety of photos - just let us have your ideas and images and we will do the rest. 

   Wanted Poster Birthday Cake


Ben Ten Birthday Cake   

What else can we offer?

We are also happy to offer a service where we can provide the printed sheets only, allowing you to decorate your own cake.  There are various sized sheets available and we  would require your image(s) at 300dpi resolution in JPEG format, along with your name, address and telephone number in case we need to contact you.

Please contact us direct if you would like to order or require any further information on this service.

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